"Lahaina Noon" character line-up, expression sheet, and both independent and collaborative attitudes. Featuring lead Milo,    an apprehensive  wannabe dancer kid, and his Shadow, a bossy embodiment of Milo's anxiety.
"The Night the Feather Came Down" project character line-up and expression sheet. Featuring lead Agent Green, an ambitious secret agent limited by his crippling anxiety of feathers; his partner Agent Avery, a  peppy field agent    with a heart of gold;   and Mort Foxington, a villainous ex-agent with his eyes set on revenge.
Orchastra Animal character line-up, in the style of  Christopher Sasaki. The intention was to suggest a begrudged fellowship between talented players.
"Ursa Minor" character line-up. Featuring title lead Ursa Minor, a curious constellation that falls from the sky, two sibling characters who stumble upon and befriend Minor, a  Oddity Control agent who seeks to capture and contain Minor, and Ursa Major, the mother of Minor who seeks to find her child.
Car vs Owner character design challenge. The intent was to create a gross, raggedy man to compliment his worn down car.
Chicken A le carde's Chef and Chicken design and turnaround. Featuring the two leads; Chef, a pretentious chef  prone to temper tantrums, and Chicken, an oblivious fowl with a one-track mind for corn.
Seymore the Akita    "Animal Crossing" turn-around for 3D Model + Rig test.
"Imagination Loss" character concept and pitch card. This film idea explores the concept of a child losing their imaginary friend through the eyes of the imaginary friend. Featuring the lead Kitty, an assured and passionate friend with a passion to help, and Bam, a gloomy friend who lost his kid ages ago.
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